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Rediscover the Joy of Living in A Garden Villa
at the price of an apartment

The joy of farming together
as a community.

The joy of relaxing in the shade of
trees and meditating.

The joy of jogging
or taking a leisurely stroll.

The joy of playing & running
in vast open grounds.

Villas Cradled
Amidst Trees.

Manicured gardens
and well-maintained
parks in the enclave.

A home is more than just a roof over your head; it holds a lifetime of memories. At Humming Gardens, growth and wellness are cleverly integrated to create a holistic environment for you and your loved ones with plenty of trees, wide open spaces and play areas. With gardens attached to every villa, you can try your hand at organic farming to grow fresh produce or nurture a hydroponic garden with expert assistance on your very own flat roof terrace. Welcome to Humming Gardens, a home designed to give you a life in balance with nature.

Live, Learn, Relax
and Play:

Exciting experiences
for family fun
in a calm ambience.

There is something about a garden that reminds us about the gift of life. It’s the simple joys of time with family and friends, be it playing under the shade of mango trees or simply bonding with neighbours in the several open areas – it’s truly an enclave where relationships are nurtured and childhood memories created.

Enjoy Meaningful Moments.

Shared activities in the enclave amidst the cool shades of the Frangipani court.

Take a peaceful stroll amidst the several trees & plants in the enclave or just relax and meditate under the shades of parks. Humming Gardens offers a setting that will truly provide every resident a holistic living experience, ideal for your wellness and well-being.

Walk, Jog, Swing,
Climb Or Relax.

All under the shades
of the coconut grove.

Everything you need to keep fit in mind and body is right at your doorstep. With plenty of activities in the open space reserved areas at your disposal, all you need to do is choose a favourite & indulge. Gift your kids a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to the addiction of gadgets & other electronic devices.

Run, Play,
Dive, Skate
Or Cycle.

Every amenity is carefully included to help you stay fit.

With a host of indoor & outdoor games at your disposal at Humming Gardens, staying fit will become a habit. Located within the enclave are several sporting facilities created in the open space reserved areas, so all you have to do is bond with friends and start competing.

Villas With The Green Advantage.

More trees than villas at Humming Gardens.

Owning a villa at Humming Gardens not only gives you the location and price advantage, but also the advantage of living in a green surrounding that every resident will feel proud of.

Not many residential localities or communities can boast about the number of trees far exceeding the number of villas, which is what is offered in the enclave, thus ensuring every resident of a peaceful and healthy living.