3 Easy gardening ideas for apartment dwellers

Gardening ideas- Villas in OMR - 3 Easy gardening idea for apartment dwellers
3 Easy gardening idea for apartment dwellers

One monotonous reason why people don’t prefer living in apartments is the lack of garden space. What if you have a green thumb and unfortunately living in an apartment building where you cannot move out as of now? For those who cannot have a private garden space and who cannot move to a new place very soon can also start gardening without gardens. Are you wondering how? Yes, you can now begin gardening without a garden with these simple gardening idea in your own apartment in OMR Chennai.

First Gardening Idea: Container crops for apartment gardening

Something is better than nothing. So taking a small step is better than taking no steps at all. Container crops are the ideal way to bring greenery into the apartment. This way, you can quench your green thumb thirst as well as add a bit of natural colour to your home and boost freshness around you. Just follow the below steps to add container crop in your apartment and grow healthy veggies at home.

Step1: First, find a space in your apartment where you can receive sunlight for at least 4 to 5 hours a day. For this, the ideal space is either a balcony or a patio.

Step2: Buy pots from stores or ready few waste containers at home. Put small holes at the bottom of the pots to drain excess water. Fill the pots/containers with fertilized soil.

Note: If you don’t want debris or any chemicals in your veggies, try organic fertilizers and should fertilize frequently for the outdoor plants.

Step3: Pick your favourite vegetable and sow the seeds inside the soil container. You should follow different instructions for different veggies and water them right after you plant the seeds check out for air bubbles.

Step 4: Don’t forget to water the plants regularly or use any automated watering system or self-watering system. ensure the steps you take suits the plant type you picked.

Gardening Idea: Try indoor planting with bottles

If you want to plant indoors, then try plastic bottles planting on your wall. These bottles make beautiful planters on walls. If you are living in spacious penthouse apartments and think you can allocate a wall of any room for indoor planting, then don’t be afraid to try bottle planting. If you have a bar inside your apartment, then pick any wall of the room to embellish with bottle planters. So how do you do it?

Step1: Cut the bottle on the side to have enough space to put soil in it. And put a small hole near the bottle cap to make a plant hole. Now put another hole just right below the other side. Repeat the process on the other end of the bottle as well.

Step2: Take a small rope to loop it through each top hole and through the hole at the bottom. Also, ensure there is enough rope left to tie to the anchor which should be attached to the wall.

Step 3: Tie a knot near the bottom holes such that the bottle lays horizontally when hung using the rope. Remember, the knot should be tied on each side of the bottom holes.

Step 4: If you want to embellish the entire wall, then leave some rope at the bottom so you can add more bottles to one rope. And note that you receive sunlight to grow your plants healthy and to always keep them greeny.

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Gardening Idea: Grow herbs in shoe organizers

If you have a sturdy hinge on your doors, you can try the shoe organizer project on any door in your apartment. Otherwise, you can try the same on a wall by hanging the shoe organizer where you get sufficient sunlight.

Step1: This is a perfect way for growing herbs. Just fill each compartment with soil and plant the seed.

Step2: Seal the compartment with non-toxic clear caulk to keep the compartments from water & soil leakage.