3 mantras for lush green grass throughout the year

Independent villas in OMR - 3 mantras for lush green grass throughout the year
3 mantras for lush green grass throughout the year

Residents living in Gated communities are in real luck to dwell in the middle of lush green surroundings. The most advantageous thing about living in gated community villas is you get to live in a healthy green environment. But, there are two sides to discuss living in individual villas here. (A) You get to have your own private lawn area. (B) You are responsible to take good care of the lawn to maintain greenery throughout the year. If you don’t want to look at brown and dry lawn on any chance from your window, follow these three simple & effective mantras to keep the grass green all year.


Hydrate your grass

Watering the lawn in a perfect balance is important for a healthy growing grass. All you need to know is how to water the lawn every day.

1. Watering early morning allows the water to reach the roots. And water doesn’t evaporate quickly when the sun is down & reduces fungal growth.

2. Water the lawn thoroughly so the moisture lasts long down the roots. Also, overwatering reduces water supply and plants might get infected easily by polluting the water systems.


Adequate fertilization is better

Remember, less is more? Too much fertilization can kill your grass. Mere watering and mowing don’t help to keep up with fast-growing grass. Fertilizing helps in growing the grass faster and doing it twice a year is more than sufficient. Also, for a rich green colour & healthy growth, try fertilizers with high nitrogen content. In addition to distributing equally throughout the lawn area, invest in a fertilizer spreader for effective results. Do this on freshly mowed and dry yard for best results and in fact is also the right time to do it. Finally, water the lawn and enjoying fast-growing grass surrounding your independent villas in OMR.


Mow the lawn

1. Always wait till the lawn gets dry. Planning to mow your lawn in the early morning is always the worst idea you could ever think. Since the grass still holds the early morning dews, it is not the good time to mow your lawn. Either wait till the dew to dry or mow your lawn the day before evening dew.

2. Let the grass grow longer. If you mow the lawn every few days of the same short height, the beauty of the lawn is ruined with no grass left to admire. Let the grass grow since long grass retains water and looks lush & healthy.

3. Always go slower. Mowing the lawn faster might end up in an uneven and untidy look. If you don’t care of mowing the lawn slower, you will have to re-mow again for the right look.

4. Mowing in pattern saves you time and unnecessary work later. Always mow around the perimeter so that your discharge chute is pointed to where you just mowed.

5. Prepare the mower for the next time rinsing the blades and discharge chute and keep it in the garage. Wash the air filter if it looks dirty and always keep your blades sharp to avoid re-mowing every time.