Kitchen Island: Determine the right size for your kitchen



Kitchen Island is the centrepiece of your kitchen that unifies all your requirements in the workspace. It is the most sought-after feature which every homebuyer/homeowner asks for. Do you why? A kitchen island is a multifunctional feature that acts as a workspace to cook food, work, dining area, and storage. It works great if it is well-planned with effective design. Rather than cramping a boxy apartment with large kitchen island, when planned the right size, it allows a good work & traffic-flow around the space.

Most of the kitchen island plans fail due to insufficient space in the kitchen that doesn’t go well with the design they prefer. So, when you start working on your kitchen plan, plan the kitchen island the right size that goes well with the size & interiors of the kitchen. Here are the guidelines to determine the right size for your kitchen that supports all your requirements.

Before going to the guidelines, let us brief you about the standard size of a kitchen island.

There is no specific size for a kitchen island but experts refer the height for 36 inches, and width of an island with sink and cooking top would be 7 ft. If it is for eating and sitting, then the height is preferred with 42 inches and 2 to 3 ft width.

Plan according to your space availability

Always remember the standard size doesn’t fit all type of spaces. Though you have a small spaced kitchen, there is still a hope of possibility to have an island based on its size. It can be customized by reducing the depth, and have extra cabinets to suit your layout.

 Minimum clearance space is required

Before determining the island size based on the kitchen’s size, it is important to consider how many people live in the apartment. And how often do they use this space? This is important to know before determining the clearance space of the kitchen.

(i) For how many people are you planning the island?

Since the island is used for various purposes, counting the number of people who have breakfast on the island top is important. How many stools are required for this? Also, consider the size of the stools along with its shape since some stools are wider and a few are taller. In addition to this, take account of whether it has a backrest. A space of 6 inches is suggested between each stool.

(ii) What is the size of your kitchen?

Since most small-spaced flats come with small kitchens, people are puzzled whether to have a kitchen island or not. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you cannot have an island. You can have a kitchen island even in small spaces like how you desire.

For instance; Ms Sanjana moved to a new villa in OMR Chennai and there was only a limited space but it didn’t’ stop to have an island for her. You might wonder what she did to have an island.

(i) She wanted some space between the island and oven for easy access to cooking without blocking the path to walk through the kitchen.

(ii) Ms. Sanjana decided to have about 3 feet of space for walking on all sides of the island. She also made sure she gets enough space between the island and doors of the cabinets.

(iii) One thing to keep in mind while measuring the free space is to check out if you can open the drawers, cabinets and doors without bumping each other.

So the final measurements Ms. Sanjana made was as follows,

(i) The room is rectangular which is 5 meters wide and 6 metres in length.

(ii) The cabinets were positioned along one of the walls in the room.

(iii) The depth of the cabinets from the back wall to the cabinet front is measured up to 25 inches.

(iv) The clearance zone is measured as the distance between the edge of the back run of the cabinets to the kitchen island’s edge.

(v) So, this clearance zone is about 3 ft as said above that enables people to walk around the kitchen with ease.


Though there are different kitchen island layout trending in the world of interior designing, the standard measurements for a comfortable kitchen island of the right size are discussed above. Having these measurements incorporated in your villa, it becomes easy to reorganize your kitchen as well.